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Sketch blocks making sketch unsolvable

Question asked by Ian McKenzie on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Ian McKenzie

I'm making a simple floorplan layout in a Solidworks sketch (see screenshot). For the doors I'm using a sketch block that I'm just copy-pasting into the various walls. I've done this before and didn't have any problems. However, now if I try to use the block menu to specify a rotate angle for a specific block, it makes the sketch unsolvable. I get the same behavior when I try to use the rotate entities tool. I got around this by just fixing a corner of the block to something else in the graphics area, dragging it around to rotate, and then breaking the corner's relationship.  I'm also seeing very weird behavior where I add a driven dimension, which then also makes the sketch unsolvable (see screenshot).


This seems to be a glitch to me because I can't see how either of these things would create unsolvable geometry.. And there's nothing I can do to fix it except hitting undo for the action that broke the sketch. Any ideas how I could fix this?




(Edit: I should add that deleting the driven dimension does not fix the sketch - the only way to fix it is to undo until before the dimension was added...


Also to further my frustrations, I just opened an old layout file and attempted the exact same thing and it worked perfectly in that file. Trying again in the problem file, however, just resulted in another error)