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Is it only me, or is SolidWorks very broken?

Question asked by Miles Hammond on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by LIN SHAODUN

To say I am frustrated with SolidWorks is putting it lightly. In fact, I would argue that it's getting more and more un-billable.  I work on very complicated models I get it, but that is no excuse. 


A bit of background:

I have 10 years of working on SW

We do very complex modeling as well as simple stuff.  Think Kayaks and components.


My biggest problem is there is no fix for me.  If I call tech support, I get to spend an hour of non billable time getting them to either show me one of 10 workarounds that I accidentally missed, or I am told its not possible.  Not possible is not what my client wants to here when all he as asked for is a 2mm fillet on all parts of my model.


#1. broken component - Fillets.  They just don't work and take WAY too long to get right.  Why has this not been fixed year after year.

#2. Shell feature - If you don't have a square box, don't bother using it.  Just read the SW help page to see the extensive work arounds.

#3. There is no number three- there are too many to list.  Today, I have a tree of 8 features.  I cannot view my model.  I try hiding it and showing it again.  Does not work. Updated Drivers, Updated SW.  Still cannot view.  Search web for solution - find posts from 2010 - obviously not fixed in 7 years. 


I am too angry to continue.  I hope I am the only one, but I doubt it.  I don't have the time to call SW or tech support every time there is an issue.  I would get no work done EVER!  I spend my work day in workarounds that are not billable.  Today I re-start a 40 hour model because SW does not let me work on it. 


Anyone else in despair?