Rick Donnellon

Serveral toolbox 2009 questions.

Discussion created by Rick Donnellon on Dec 15, 2008
I've copied an existing standard to modify because I need a special description for a particular customer. See attached " TOOLBOX Capture.JPG". But when I insert one of the fasteners from this new standard the description or part number does not come through to the instance of the fastener. What am I missing here? I would expect to see the description and part number fields filled in on either Custom or the Configuration Specific tab of the properties dialog when I open that fastener. The Configuration Specific tab of the properties dialog does have a property named Description but no value assigned? See attached "TOOLBOX Capture2.JPG"

Also when I drag one of the fasteners into an assembly from the design library it takes about 20 seconds for the property manager to come up after I place the fastener. Is this normal... Seem like a very long time to me.

Is there any tutorials for toolbox 2009 as it has changed quite a bit since 2008 that anyone can recommend? I am looking for a description of what files and folder are used by the toolbox and their locations.

What I am trying to do is set up a modified standard on my system and then port or copy all the necessary files, folders and settings to several other computers at remote locations so we are all are working with the same library of fasteners. I have searched the web but have not found any good tutorials for toolbox 2009.

Thanks for any help.