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Looking for training resources

Question asked by Mark Evans on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Todd Blacksher

Hello all,

I am a new Solidworks user and am looking to find out the specifics on training resources that might be available. I have used PTC's Creo/Pro E software for the last 12 years and they had a set of training materials known as the PTC University/Precision LMS that really taught things at a reasonably in depth level. I would really like to be able to dig in at a greater level of detail to various aspects of the software (surface modeling, working with mechanisms performing kinematic and dynamic investigations, top down design, design investigations and studies, structural/thermal analysis and understanding how the SW tool works, etc).


I am aware of the canned tutorials that are available inside solidworks, but I'm looking for something with more detail/content. Does Solidworks have these type resources?