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Display State: Mass Change of Single Colour

Question asked by Janek Popiolek on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Bernie Daraz

Does anybody have any tips as to how to change a specific colour of many parts at once in a display state?

This is why I ask:  our products follow a corporate colour scheme which unfortunately includes black.  There are many parts and sub-assemblies in our products whose finished colour is black, so when the full assembly is modelled and a drawing produced for quotation/presentation purposes you can imagine large blobs and areas of black making the image look very unclear.

(Unfortunately I am not allowed to post an example of the product.)


It's a bit late to turn the clock back and model every black part in mid-grey or something, and it's so long-winded to change the colour of all these parts in an assembly display state by selecting every individual part.  Is there a quick way to change all occurrences of one specified colour to another specified colour throughout the assembly for one display state?


Thanks, Janek .. SW 2016 User