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BOM balloons not working correctly with Inventor files. (3D Interconnect bug)

Question asked by John Popovits on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by John Popovits

    I'm working with a large assembly file that contains a mixture of Solidworks and Inventor parts and assemblies, using the 3D interconnect feature.  3D interconnect works great at the model level, but at the drawing level there is a serious problem with the BOM functionality. The Inventor parts appear correctly on the BOM table, but when using the Balloon feature the inventor parts will not link to the BOM number in the balloon, forcing me to enter each Balloon manually as a custom property. This is extremely time consuming when working with large BOM's containing 100+ parts, and every time a change is made to the BOM, all the balloon numbers become obsolete.  Solidworks parts and sub-assemblies work without issue with the balloon feature.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.