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Filter sketch shifted in one tubing route

Question asked by Craig Makarowski on May 4, 2017

I have tubing route that has its filter sketch shifted from where it should be, it is a straight section of thin wall tubing, even thought the route sketch is correct All other Routes in model fine. I have deleted it and remade it but for some reason it is still to long ! Any Ideas where i'm going wrong? First picture and second picture shows the top end is to long, the third picture shows when i'm routing that it is the correct length. I thought it was a stub length issue but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I'm using Solidworks 2016 SP5.

2017-05-04 07_59_52-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2016 x64 Edition - [ValveandFlowmeter1.SLDASM _].png 2017-05-04 08_02_49-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2016 x64 Edition - [Tube_9-ValveandFlowmeter1 -in- ValveandFl.png 2017-05-04 08_03_27-SOLIDWORKS Premium 2016 x64 Edition - [3DSketch1 of Tube_9-ValveandFlowmeter1 -i.png