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Having trouble knitting surfaces and thickening the result

Question asked by Niranjan Lakhanpal on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by Niranjan Lakhanpal

I am attempting to knit together the lofted surfaces that I have created with the faces of the extruded ribs (shown below) but I am encountering the message "the selected faces and surfaces cannot be knitted into one surface." After this, I intend to thicken the surface knit by 0.25mm.


As an aside, I had asked this question earlier, but I did not get any responses, but what I am attempting to model is a wind turbine rib cage with a fabric wrapped around it and then aluminum around that. This has been my approach thus far. I have also included a picture of what I am trying to replicate (obviously with much less detail, as my CAD abilities are not that advanced).


Thanks in advance!


wind fabric for release.png