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    Forces at an angle

    Syed Hossain

      Hello All,


      How do I define a force (at an angle) inside a hole? Please see attached the image.


      The smaller image is the actual loading case, where F1 is acting vertically and F2 at an angle. I can use the components of F2 (yellow lines) to mimic this load case. One would be acting horizontally along the tube (compressing the tube) and another vertically (opposite to F1).


      However, in my 3D model I can apply a vertical force through the hole but I am confused how to apply the compressive horizontal component inside the hole (or may be just the resultant force F2) ? I am not modelling the eye bolts as shown in the actual figure.


      I may be missing some basic thing here. Can you anyone please shed some lights? Thanks in advance.

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Syed,

          In order to define a force in a specific direction it is easiest to first create a sketch with a line entity pointing in that direction.  Once you have the sketch defined this way you can define a force using the "Selected direction" option where you select the line you defined as the direction.  I have mocked this up in the image below.