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Dimension changes global variable.

Question asked by Ivan Kharpalev on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Henk De Bruijn


Very common story that surprised me a lot. We just set a dimension to a global variable and WOW!

1 we have a globalVariable and a dimension




1 globalVariable and dimension.png


2 we set the dimension equal to this variable

2 set dimension eq to var.png


3 ok the dimension is made equal (linked) to var

3 dimension is seted to var.png


4 we change the dimension type to diameter (as we intended according to the variable name)

4 change dimension type.png


5 we begin dimension edit to set it correct because it is not the value we want

5 begin dimension edit.png


6 we again set this dimension to global var

6 again set this dimension to global var.png


and WOW it changes the global variable!

7 it changes global var.png


why? and are there other manipulations that can implicitly and unnoticed change global variables?

Thank you!