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Question asked by John Koos on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by John Koos

SW2016 SP3  I'm trying to create a configurator for "rings". There's an Inner and Outer ring and they just happen to have a sphere in between. I get the feeling that the "layout sketch" method with design tables is the best way to go.

I need to create dwg's of the individual rings with features and the assy of rings.

I can drive with just the "sphere size" and "Pitch" and I have13 configs. I can make it work in the layout sketch and individual parts but I'm stumped when it comes to starting with the assy "top down".

Does the layout sketch, design table and config's all go in the parts and assy? I've had them in either or but have not figured out all yet.

When I try top down it get's real slow real quick!

I feel it would be faster as bottom up with layout sketch but again when at the assy how can I change config's and is it going to be slow again?