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Blocks Behaving Badly in Drawing Template File - Static Text Missing When Viewing, Unselectable When Exploding or Editing

Discussion created by Jim Sculley on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by John Stoltzfus

SW2017 SP2.


While working to deal with the fallout from this post, a new problem has reared its ugly head.  Long ago, I blockified areas of our drawing title block so that I could easily change out things like company logo, and ensure consistency across the various drawing sizes.  I've made a brand spanking new drawing template using the process described in the aforementioned thread and I was going to simply drop my existing blocks into it and I would be all set.  However, when I insert the blocks, all the static text is missing.

Instead of this:


I get this:

Note: the file names are A DRAWING and A DRAWING-2017.  The text in the second image has wrapped.


Anything linked to a property shows up, but nothing else.  If I edit or explode the block, the static text appears.



However now *all* text is unselectable: static and linked.  Window selection only grabs the lines.


After a lot of WTFs and a lunch break, I've discovered that you cannot work with blocks in the .drwdot file directly.  You have to make a new drawing, get it all looking like you want, and then save it as a .drwdot file.  This is new behavior in 2017.  I can perform the same test in my 2016 .drwdot files and everything works as expected.