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Is there a simple way to have the area (or volume, etc) have printed on drawing from part model?

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Jim Sculley

Good afternoon,

As the subject says, is there a quick method to accomplish this?  I sketched up a quick layout for a guy in the office who wanted to know the area for pouring cement which he would multiply times the thickness to get his volume.  I use the SW measure & mass properties fairly often but which can only be used i think within the part (I think this also only gives in square inches right? couldn't find a place to change the units to sq. feet). But can i set up some sort of global variable for the area  that would be saved using the snapshot dialog box below and be set to bring the info over into a drawing where I could link the info to a note?  I've also attached the file.  Thanks in advance!