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How to make "Hide Inactive" Checkbox

Question asked by Bryan Nathan on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Bryan Nathan

For one reason or another we have numerous parts/assemblies in our database which are obsolete. We have a workflow transition so that we can make files officially Inactive (the Status variable is set to Inactive as is the EPDM state). We still prefer to keep the files in the database for legacy even though we don't plan on using them (a rollback has been required once or twice).


The problem is that the obsolete items show up in searches (see example below). It isn't then end of the world because you can export the search results to excel and hide anything Inactive. Or just pay attention to the status on the search results. However, I would really like to add a check box on the search cards which hides anything that has Status = Inactive (or conversely to show anything that has Status not equal to Inactive).


Any suggestions on how one might implement such a checkbox?