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Displaying custom bend allowance process in the bend notes

Question asked by Randal Swearingen on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Fred Vraj

Is there a way to show which bend option was used to generate the bend notes?

We normally use "bend deduction". The issue we face is that sometimes "bend allowance" or another process is selected.

The bend note text just yields values and unless you run the math, you don't really know if the value generated is valid.

We are looking for a visual que with the bend notes to "see" which process was used.

I am looking for a parametric or embedded solution, not a manual one.

Can anyone help?

I would like to look at a flat pattern drawing, read the bend info and be able to determine which process was used.


Thanks in advance...Randy

SW 2017 SP2 Win 7


So in attempt to review this post and maybe  "bump" the message, must have  toggled assumed answered.


I would really like an answer if one exists.


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