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Finding Torque Values on Turbine Blades

Question asked by Think Like Anarchitect on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by Amit Katz

Hi, I have been using Flow Simulation for a while to investigate wind turbine performances. However as an architect, I am a bit far away to this field. If you just give an advice on the methodology that I am using, it would be wonderful. I am trying to find the angular velocity of a turbine. So I thought that a 2 step study is required. For the first step, I just modelled the wind turbine as static to see the torque values on blade surfaces. In the second step, from the torque value, I just drew the angular velocity with using the very reknown formula: "turbine energy= torque*angular velocity".(To gain turbine energy I just find the power in wind, then multiplied it with "0.3- performance coefficient"-thats enough for me). When I got the angular velocity, I just added a local rotation to the turbine with this velocity to see the wake effect and blade-flow interaction. I wonder if that is an enough assumption?. Secondly to decide on the torque should I take the max value on the blade tip?