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Corner Radius Adjustment: Why so finicky?

Question asked by Rich Fagioli on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by Rich Fagioli

After considerable trial and error, I got this result:

12x12Starter kit 6.jpg

It's borderline OK, but the 0.3mm corner radius and finish is pretty accurate for a machined and tumble part. However, if I try to apply a "bump" to my surface or if I ungroup my part and try to apply a spherical map to my bolt head, I lose my corner radius:

12x12Starter kit 7.jpg

....and so I ask the community:


  • How do I retain my corner radius on my part after applying a bump texture? Dialing down the bump strength to almost zero doesn't bring back my corner radius.
  • How do I retain my corner radius(es) on each part of my group after ungrouping? I've tried applying the corner radius on every individual part, without success.