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Modifying fillets......

Question asked by Paul Charbonneau on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by Carl Finney

What is up with the inability to modify a fillet to add multiple radiuses to an existing filleted edge? I highly suggest Solidworks quit adding  useless 'fluff' in their releases and fix the bugs and lack of functionality so that people can edit things without having to completely rebuild models from scratch! I am getting real tired of this BS....   I have a model that has 4 outside edges that are filleted with one value for each edge driving the fillets but I need to change this to have a smaller radius on one end of each filleted edge. There is a box that says "multiple radius fillet" but it doesn't work in terms of adding variables to an existing fillet!   What is up with that?!?!?!?  In the case I’m working with it is not just a matter of recreating the fillets - I have 65 other cut features that are dependent on these fillets... this is a tapered broach (which I have attached a visual of)  which has radial cuts that are spaced in even increments along the length of the model… re-creating the fillets basically trashes the radial cuts! This is unacceptable and extremely time consuming to have to do this if it comes to that…. If you have commands that seem to suggest this is possible and then doesn't work then  what are we  - the users- supposed to do?  I've already hinted what I think of what I'm dealing with but I'm trying to be nice about this.... I could give Solidworks an earful on this if they they would listen!