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Add connector bom_reference to List of Cable Cores Report?

Question asked by Andrew Czopek on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Tim Pulaski

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2015 SP5 - 64 bit Edition, I would like to generate reports (i.e. wiring tables) that include the part number for the connectors at BOTH ends of the cable. I am having trouble calling/querying this data to add to the tables. Looking at the BOM report, I found what I think is the variable name I want "bom_reference". It seems like the query to make this data available for this report could get complicated, and would have to be written manually.



Attached is a photo of the table to which I'd like to add this info - Ideally, a "Unit A Connector" and a "Unit B Connector". Thanks in advance!