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IGES Import Feature Names

Question asked by Simon Aldworth on Apr 30, 2017
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I recently had some scanning work done in which each plane, point and cylinder was labelled with something like "front left wheel inner" and so on. I received the data in an IGES file and when importing it into SolidWorks I found that the labels were not included and every feature was simply labelled "surface-importedX" where X is a number from 1 to 186 (i.e. the number of individual surfaces in the file).


I gave the file to a colleague who imported it into Catia and all the labels were present and correct.


He has saved it as a CATpart and a STEP file and neither of those have helped. The STEP part was the same as the IGES file and I couldn't open the CATpart. I've tried our software vendor and he hasn't had much luck either.


The scanning company can only supply the data in IGES format. They have offered to provide me with extra detail in images and spreadsheets, but before I make them go through that pain does anyone have any other ideas I can try?


Regards, Simon.