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    Assembly FEA doesnt solve

    Dylan Williams


      Im having an issue running an FEA on an assembly. I have mated all my parts to a bulkhead and used bolt connections on the the appropriate edges (I've also tried using rigid connections between the bolt faces). I have also applied fixed geometry to the cylindrical ferrules, and remote loads to suspension mounts. The assembly can mesh, but once it starts the solver, it sits at 0% and doesnt do anything. I have left the simulation running for over an hour with no change to the progress bar. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

      17-VD-A5000.zip - Google Drive

      Cheers in advance

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Dylan,

          I opened your model and it appeared to have a lot of errors.  It seems to either not have all the files are be malformed in its current state.  This is what I see when I open it:



          That being said, I went into the definition of your study named "Bulkhead" and noticed that while there are many loads and man connectors there are no fixtures to hold the model in place.  Is your intention to have the loads balance themselves?  If so, you would want to go into the study properties (right click the study name at the top of the boundary tree and go to 'Properties') and turn on "Use inertial relief".  This would stabilize a system of balanced loads on a model and help the solver to run.