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In I – beam simply supported force P = 20 kN and the length L = 2 m.  

Question asked by Assad Almamri on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

1. Use Soild Works simulation tools to calculate the maximum deflection, maximum bending stress and factor of safety, (Use AISI1020 and cross section of wight 10.2 kg/m,h=100mm,w=50mm,web thickness(b)=5mm,Flange thickness(t)=8.5mm,Depth between (X)=65mm.

2-  What happens if you fix both ends of the beam? How does this effect the stresses and displacements? Does this make sense?

3. What happens if you change the material? How do the stresses in the structure change? How does the factor of safety (FOS) change? (Hint: do a Google search and compare the values of the Yield Stress for different materials.

4. For the given initial geometry, calculate by hand the theoretical maximum force that can be applied given a Factor of Safety of 3.0. Apply this load within the software are verify that the stresses are the same.

5-What happens if you load the structure such that it acts like an „H beam‟ from Table 2 rather than an I beam?

6. Change the cross-section of the beam so that you minimize weight but maintain a FOS of greater than 3 (keeping the load the same and allow the maximum deflection not to exceed 1.5 mm.