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Any way to change material density in an assembly?

Question asked by Scott Schulte on Apr 28, 2017
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Hello all, a customer has sent us an .IGS file of an assembly consisting of several hundred pieces, all similar steel. Unfortunately when they modeled the individual parts they assigned a density of .031 Lb per cubic inch much below the ~.29 lbs per cubic in of steel. Is there any way to change the density at the assembly so I can get a close weight of the whole assembly? I just don't have the time to open all hundred + pieces and change it at each piece level? I wont be able to download a macro to run unless I want to be out of a job for downloading stuff with out all the proper approvals and blessings from the IT dept. Getting that is like matting elephants; its done at a high level with lots of noise and commotion and takes 2 years to get the results.