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Surface Area Units in Sub-weldments

Question asked by Jeremy Kempin on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Jacob Bakovsky



When linking cut-list properties to a new sub-weldment (inserted into new part), the resulting evaluation for the cut-list-item SW-Surface area defaults to the "basic units" in document properties.  It confuses the shop when they get a drawing with a BOM column for "Paint Area / Sq Feet" that shows 7'-115 9/16" vs. 7.80.


In document properties (Both parent weldment and separate sub-weldment part files)

  • Basic Units are set to "feet & inches" with fractions
    • Cut list lengths and dimensions show as fractional feet and inches
  • Mass/Section Properties are set to "Feet, Pounds, Feet^3" with two place decimals
    • Cut list weights and surface areas show in decimal pounds/feet


For example: In the parent weldment, a body evaluates the SW-Surface Area correctly using the "Mass/Section Properties" units set in document properties.  SW-Surface Area evaluates as I want it to show as: 7.80 (square feet).


However when the sub-weldment is saved out to a separate part, the linked property of the same body evaluates the SW-Surface Area incorrectly using the "Basic Units" set in document properties. (Linked to Parent Part) SW-Surface Area evaluates as: 7'-115 9/16" (square feet and inches?!?)


Units are set the same in both part and drawing Document Properties.


Any ideas on correcting the variable syntax to fix the problem?  Or do I need to get the hammer and duct tape and cobble a work-around if I want to use the sub-weldments feature. (As a note, I mostly use configurations with delete bodies features for breaking up most of my weldments but I have a few large weldments where the number of configurations required would cause my computer to choke)  I sure wish we could change units locally/independently within BOM columns, would save lots of headaches.


Thanks,  Using SW 2015 sp4.0.