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    Pack & Go

    James Pare

      What does someone have to do to get something fixed

      When 2017 beta came out we found a critical issue with the Pack & Go function in 2017

      Someone had a brain fart & changed they way it ran when using pack & go on an assembly with multiple folder / sub folder structure


      Because someone ran into the 256 character limit they re wrote the pack & go option

      Now if you added an option to remove sub folders that would be fine

      But considering some of us "USERS" who actually use the software have sub folders we are now screwed


      Now considering this was identified very early in the release you think it would have been fixed in SP1, maybe SP2

      But NO!

      SP3 is here and this still hasn't been addressed


      How is this possible?

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi James,


          There is a fix in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP03 with a more complete fix coming in SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP04. See my latest reply in this thread for details:

          Re: Solidworks 2017 : Pack and Go does not (ANYMORE) copy the directory relations !!




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              Dennis Dohogne

              Jim Wilkinson, thanks for this information and the heads-up, but please answer this.  How will this be communicated to the folks that haven't read this post?  That includes the ones that don't even use this forum.

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                  James Pare

                  It's not unless your looking for it

                  The system to tell you what & when things get fixed is very lacking to say the least

                  Every time a SP comes out we test all our known issues, now most of the time they are not addressed

                  but that's a whole other story

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                    Jim Wilkinson

                    Hi Dennis,

                    Sorry about the delay in responding. So there are a few ways this information is being disseminated by our technical support department.


                    All of the VARs who reported SRs to SOLIDWORKS technical support on behalf of customers and received SPR#993881 have been contacted by technical support to inform them about the solution in SP03. The VARs should then contact their customers to relay the information.


                    Also, a new knowledge base entry has been written with the SP03 solution, including the registry key files and instructions. That KB article also has information indicating that a full solution is coming in SP04. This link may work to go to the KB entry:


                    The article can also be found by searching the KB for S-073053 or 993881 or of course, if a user is searching the KB if they first encountered this issue; for instance searching "pack and go folder" results in it being the first hit.


                    Finally, technical support is writing a blog article for all VARs to inform them about it.


                    So, if users report it to their VARs, they should be able to find out about the issue/solution or if they search the KB, they should be able to learn about it.


                    Once the full solution goes into SP04, the SPR will be fully closed and listed as such in the KB and list of fixed SPRs. That changed UI will also be documented in the release notes for SP04.



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                  Steven Mills

                  I swear I've seen this asked about 3 times now.