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    Linked Custom Properties to Drawing from Assembly and Parts in same drawing

    Cal Chan

      Hello, so i am making a drawing for an assembly on one sheet and the various parts on the proceeding sheets, I am trying to configure the costume properties in a manner that the part number field will automatically populate with the part number of the part on that particular sheet and that sheet only. I have created custom properties for assembly numbers and part numbers and linked them in a text field on the drawing but the field only populates with the part number of the part or assembly on the first sheet and not the part number of the model on that sheet.


      I have attached the Sheet format and the costume properties for parts, assemblies, and drawing


      Thank you

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          Joe Ourada

          I haven't worked with multi-tab drawings like this in quite a while, but I think I have an option for you to look at.


          Looks like the property link in your title block is set to "Model found here" and driven by "Drawing view specified in Sheet Properties"

          That all looks good.


          Check your Sheet Properties on your part drawing tabs to see if they are set to default.   If they are set to default, you will need to select a drawing view used on that drawing tab that your part is in.   The Default will pull from the first model dropped in when the drawing is created, which in your case is the assembly.


          You will need to do this for every drawing tab with a part on it.  You may need to un-check the "Same as sheet specified in Document Properties" box below the drawing view selection drop down.   That was the case with the sheet format you attached.




          That should link your title block on the currently active drawing tab to the part you have shown in the drawing views.




          Joe Ourada