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How do I make a part flex at the corner of a part?

Question asked by Joshua Pillitiere on Apr 28, 2017

I have a part that when bolted together, has a few nuts showing on the back side.  I designed a cover that can just snap on to hide the nuts.  However, when I put the two together in an assembly, after mating the cover to the part, the ends of the cover don't "flex" to stretch to the length of the part.  The cover just blends into the part and the ends of it disappear inside part. Ive uploaded the whole assembly, and the cover.  The assembly picture has the cover on it (the nuts are not shown in the assembly), but you can see the ends of the cover mesh inside to the clamp, they disappear.  I want it to flex a bit, so the cover snaps onto the clamp.  Any ideas on how make the ends flex at the corners of the cover?