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Question asked by Pablo Fernández on Apr 28, 2017
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Does the method IEdmCmdMgr5.AddToolbarImage actually work?

I've been trying to add an image to a menu command with no success after many attempts.

Heres a  C# piece of code that I think should work.

The resource "dim" is a bitmap 16x16x8bit


            Bitmap dim = AddinRevisionPDF.Properties.Resources.dim;
            poCmdMgr.AddToolbarImage(dim.GetHbitmap().ToInt32(), 1, EdmButtonState.BState_Cold, false,true, 12632256, 99);
            poCmdMgr.AddCmd(1, "Control Dimensional", (int)(EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_MustHaveSelection | EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_OnlyFiles | EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_OnlySingleSelection | EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_HasToolbarButton | EdmMenuFlags.EdmMenu_HastItemToolbarButton), "Asigna el archivo a un usuario para controlar cotas", "", 0, 99);