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Huge reliefs in convert to sheetmetal

Question asked by Clinton Clinton Grover on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Dennis Bacon

I'm trying to convert a shelled part to sheetmetal. The part has some large radius curves that I want to be rolled out of 2mm. First I generally add some split lines where I want parts separated. I can convert from the inside of the part or outside, either way, I'm not picky. Inside gives me perfectly corner to corner parts, which is nice. If I convert from the outside then I can add fillets before converting which will also give me the perfect corners, which is also nice, but that's not the point. =)

Point is, when I go to convert to sheetmetal, Solidworks feels it necessary to throw a huge relief right in the middle of my part, all the way down. I have cranked down the default gap and it changes nothing. I have encountered a similar problem before with huge reliefs in shallow angle parts at the intersection of three edges (two or three bends and a rip) and I have until now forced it to work by first using a cut extrude at the offending vertex so that Solidworks doesn't see it as needing a way-too-large rip and then manually adding material back at the joint after converting to close it up. Any ways to just eliminate the relief entirely? We do most of our complicated parts this way and it keeps coming back to bite me. Any ideas?