Dylan Scoles

Compression Joint

Discussion created by Dylan Scoles on Dec 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by Derek Bishop

I'm trying to simulate a steel/acrylic pressure hull design for a submarine - the joint between them needs to allow the acrylic to shrink at a higher rate than the steel- the steel hemisphere has a flange angled in that the acrylic hemisphere sits in, to allow it to slide inwards as it compress.

Does anyone know how to simulate a joint like this? Cosmos automatically thinks they are stuck together at the joint, which causes way more stress on the steel flange and deforms the acrylic to a bell-shape, which is way different from the way it would be stressed in a dynamic joint.

Is there a way to define a joint like this in CosmosWorks? I couldn't think of where an option might be- Maybe in the way the mesh is defined around the joint? Does anyone have experience with this?

Any help is very much appreciated.