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How to wrap surfaces around a series of extruded sections?

Question asked by Niranjan Lakhanpal on Apr 27, 2017

Hello! First time poster, but I have been using this resource for many of my questions, and it has been extremely helpful, so thank you to the community!


I am trying to model a wind turbine blade that is configured with a fishbone metal rib-cage (yellow and silver) at the interior, a sheet of fabric (purple) wrapped around the rib cage, and then lastly another sheet of metal (silver) at the exterior. I am going to conduct finite element analysis on this model. I have included a reference picture of what I am trying to model.


I have modeled the rib cage frame already, but I am struggling to figure out how to wrap the fabric around the rib cage and then wrap the exterior metal around that fabric. Due to the fact that I am going to be conducting FEA on this, I need the fabric and metal that will be wrapped around the rib cage to be two separate materials, because they will have different material properties. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance!

wind fabric for release.png