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    Will solidworks have a CAM for 2018?

    Miguel Ramirez

      any news about the solidworks CAM?


      Integración CAD/CAM en Solidworks 2018 - YouTube

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          Tim Rosendal Halvorsen

          Hi Miguel,


          Yes, apparently so.

          Following are my thoughts based on the links and writings made by SOLIDWORKS so far.


          Start here - and then read the rest afterwards

          Introducing SOLIDWORKS CAM: a Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem


          The CAM program is currently in free testing state, so if you need to - sign up and check it out for yourself.

          SOLIDWORKS CAM | Products | SOLIDWORKS


          I am currently testing SOLIDWORKS 2018 Appha, and by looks of the What's New document SOLIDWORKS may (or may not) offer two solutions of CAM.

          One called Standard, which is included in all versions of SOLIDWORKS on subscription.

          And then one called Professional, as a purchased add-in for any version of SOLIDWORKS.


          Now, all of this is subject to change - but currently, as far as I recall it - that is what the Whats New document for SOLIDWORKS 2018 states.


          Anyway - CAMWorks can still be purchased from 3 axis work and up. It is 'only' 2.5 axis and turning that will be available as the rebranded SOLIDWORKS CAM at current.