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How can I use the calculated value from an equation to write text to a custom property?

Question asked by Rida Vivier on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Craig Schultz

I have an assembly that is controlled by values entered by the user (using the custom property tab).  These values are used in the assembly and parts to calculate the size and placement of parts and features used in the assembly.  Because the parts are totally custom sized, using configurations are out of the question.   


I now need to populate the custom property of one of the parts with the result of some of the equations BUT the Equations Manager ONLY allows numerical values.  For example:  If the result of the calculation is 1,  the custom property should be 'RED',  2 - 'GREEN', 3 - 'BLACK' and so on.   I want to use this result to create the description of the part in the BOM.