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Solidworks 2013 crashing on recognising imported parts

Question asked by Svein Setten on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

I know, it might be a bit late to ask anyone for advices on an outdated version of Solidworks, I cincerely hope though that someone has encountered the same issues and might have a solution at hand. I hope to stay on this 2013 until the downtimes in the oil & gas start whispering out.

What happens is that whenever I import a STEP or IGES file into SW, I have to stay with the part, or assy as an imported part. If I try to recognise features of the part I get an instant crash and SW tells mme that it "has ecountered a problem and needs to close.

Two years ago I had to reinstall my solidworks, and since my license where out already I lost all upgrades when re-installing from the original disk. I don`t know if this could be a source for this issue but just to have it mentioned anyway.

All kind of tip and suggestion are very welcome as said.... Also just found that the same crash appears when trying to run / edit a macro (SWB).


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Svein Setten