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    Datum attached to multiple co-planar surfaces

    John Howell

      Our company is starting to look hard at MBD in SolidWorks. I focused on it at World in L.A. - Now I'm trying to put it to practical use... and of course I run into issues immediately.


      I have a part that we put three counter-bores into to use as the primary Datums (the bottom of the three counter-bores is Datum A, one of the diameters is Datum B, and a 2nd diameter is Datum C). See Drawing screenshot.


      Using DimXpert, I can not get Datum A to be the bottom surface of all three counter-bores - only one of them. Is there a way to do this?


      P.s., I'm not an expert at MBD or DimXpert - so I may need to do some learning here .




      MBD Datum A.png