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Re-Arrange tree with sub-assemblies so we can make a easy 2D assembly...

Question asked by Carlos Goncalves on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

I want to organize tree in a certain way in a machine that have lot of equipmentos. In CATIA in old company we work like this:


14205-010-001- main assembly

14205-010-001-005 - unit assembly ( as a product that you save on computer)

005-005 - component (catia option) that contain part 14205-010-001-005-005 e and all purchase parts (bolts or screws etc) hat you need to fix in this piece.



This organization allow us to do 2D in a simply and fast way as you can see in the movie in this link after min1  Dropbox - 2D-DETAIL-BOM.mp4


In Solid Works i already found how to do sub-assemblies with organization that i want ( can cut/copy/past)

and i dont need to save it in computer:

Now the main questions is how can i do 2D assembly with identification of each part and respective buy parts like i do in catia:

As you can see in the movie, i can make a 2D assembly with identification of the parts very easy.


Its possible to do it in SW?