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Polling question on the user interface for SW design table.

Question asked by Chad Cutter on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Chad Cutter

So, not sure if this has been a topic before or not, but I've been using SW since '97, and while back then the design table was a god's seriously fallen to the wayside.  For a couple of years I used Autodesk Inventor...and while there are pro/con's between SW and Inventor, one that stand out as a definite winner was Inventor iPart feature, which is SW design table.  The design table(DT) in SW is rudimentary and if you create a DT and then make additions to your part, you now have to manually add the new items into the design table if they differentiate between configurations.


Likewise some of the features are a bit of a pain to use:

  1. Custom Materials
  2. Hole Sizes
  3. Etc...

This is just to add them manually to the table, you need a special decryption sheet almost to know the format for the header...because if you get it wrong and exit it lose all data in the table when you get an error.  Quite frustrating....


Inventor is super easy, it's intuitive.  I've attached a picture of Inventors ipart UI, all you do it pick from all the used features to add to the's always updated to the latest model, so as you add features, dimension...etc. it's always in there for you to add/subtract from the table as shown below in the image.  SW really needs to do a major overhaul to user interface for the design table.



So as a simple example I've created a simple part with a 1/2-13 tapped hole in the middle generated by the hole wizard.  Note this is 2017SW.


Here's the task:


Create two identical configurations with the focus on configuring the tapped hole with the design table.

  1. Insert a design table.
  2. Add a new configuration.  At this point SW will display Length, Width, Thickness as configurable items.
  3. Now you will insert a new column into the DT to add the tapped hole feature so it's configurable between the two configurations.
    1. Config 1 - 1/2-13 (No change)
    2. Config 2 - 1/2-20
  4. What steps did you go through to get that feature added into the DT and how long did it take you?
  5. If you found this to be more time consuming than simply double clicking the item in a list, then please go the the ER 1-13743189920 and vote yes for it.