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automatically updating file data from folder data

Question asked by Kevin Guzniczak on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Tim Webb

We currently set project number, customer, project name, etc. as values in the folder data card so each file saved into the folder gets these parameters applied.  The problem is when using a file already written to a folder in PDM for a new project it will not overwrite these properties in the file with the new folder data.   I know we can run a folder update from the modify tab but this will write the folder data to each configuration it finds in each file unless you do the lengthy process of unchecking each one.  We only use the custom properties tab of a file.  No config specific.  This also isn't a user friendly approach for all my users here, especially those new to using PDM.  I want to push the folder properties to the file card through dispatch but I cant seem to find folder card properties in dispatch from the list.  I have a dispatch already set up to do another automated file process at file check in.  I would like to do this file property update at either a check in, state change, task, etc.  This was the direction I was given by our VAR but I am lost with writing the script.

This is a known issue with the folder properties being
written.  A script through the add-ins can get around this.  You set
a script that will check the properties every time a file is checked in and
write whatever the values are.  This way, it is constantly checking to see
if the information is correct

I haven't had the time to get back into it and figure out what exactly to write in this script.  I am not well versed in programming language anymore.  Anyone already doing this?