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inserting parts/assemblies into vault (pdm standard)

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Craig Schultz

Right, I have a vault set up, I am a user with access to the vault, I have some data cards and a workflow and all that (I'll soon find out how badly I've done that bit, but I'm not working with any real data and I can easily start again from scratch with more understanding )

Now I have some questions:

  • I'm wondering how to get round a problem with the toolbox, or if it is a problem that might make it difficult to run workgroup PDM and PDM standard at the same time, because its nagging me to put my toolbox files into the PDM standard vault...what is the best way forward on that? I expect to run WGPDM and PDM standard in parallel for a long time gradually moving stuff into PDM standard.


  • How do I insert an assembly and all its referenced components into the vault from  external windows directory(s) in one go? when I drag and drop an assembly it just brings the one file, leaving warnings that it links to external files. surely there is a way to make it bring all its references with it like WGPDM always did so easily?!

Why does it just put the assembly in there with non functional links without offering me the option to bring all the referenced files too? that seems very very poor...I'm obviously missing something (unless PDM standard is a truly awful crippled piece of junk?  )


  • Opening, checking that one assembly out in solidworks doesn't seem to offer any extra functionality compared to windows explorer...I'm seeing a lot of grey and disabled stuff there (but not all so it is communicating with the vault) - I guess its just because I have only one assembly in the vault without its components!


I've found a lot of helpful information on setting up PDM standard on line, but the actual user operation info seems to be lacking. The user information seems to assume a full set of data already in the vault and any new files are created in the vault (fine for the 0.001% that are starting from scratch).

How to get data from a windows file system into the vault easily? (never mind out of WPDM!)