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Flat pattern export do *.dxf file with preview

Question asked by Wojciech Pogorzelski on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Alpeshkumar Patel

Hi All,

I have read a few posts regarding macros for creating .dxf files but none seemed to be what I'm looking for.

All the sheet metal parts I create I have to convert to .dxf files and send out with a drawing to a different company to get it done.

Drawings I send in PDF file format, and luckily I have found a working macro that with one click creates a PDF file from active drawing in the same location as the drawing file with the same name as the drawing file and opens a preview at the end (that might be the SW setting) so I have a confirmation that everything is ok. Moreover if I hit it again, it will create a new PDF file replacing the old one, so no duplication files are created. Beautiful work, I couldn't ask for more. It saves me a lot of unnecessary clicking. Unfortunately, I can remember where did I found it and who wrote it, still huge thanks to the author:) I'm attaching this macro (with some minor changes of mine) in this post.

Back to .dxf files.

I'm looking for the same solution. A macro, that creates a .dxf file:

- from active sheet metal part - only one, the active one, not from all the open ones, nor the parts in the assembly

- creates file in a 1:1 scale orientated the way SW does it on the drawings by default (orintation is an option)


- saves the file in the part folder

- saves the file with the same name as the part file

- opens a preview of created file

- if run again, replace original .dxf file with a new one.

Notes: I always create a single body sheet metal parts!

At the moment on a sheet metal part to get it to a flat pattern .dxf file I have to:

1. right click on the "Flat-Pattern" in the "Feature Manager Tree"

2. hit "Export do dxf/dwg" from drop-down menu

3. remove "Flat-Pattern - " from the file name and hit save

4. in the "DXF / DWG Output" options I choose:
- Export => Sheet metal
- Entities to export => Geometry
- Export Options => Single file
- hit "OK"

5. on the preview window hit "SAVE"

This is what I do 100% of the time when it comes to a sheet metal part. So a macro would be a huge help.

Thank you for any help in advance.


ps. I'm runnig Win7 64-bit, SW2017.