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Heal edges effect disappears

Question asked by Jordi Pérez on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Jordi Pérez

Hi everybody,


Sometimes I use the Heal Edges feature in order to unify broken imported edges. it's very useful but sometimes it behaves weirdly.


I've seen many times how the healing effect disappears and I'm getting back the original broken edges. But the really strange issue comes when I try to apply the feature again using the same tolerance range and then the effect is none. The resultant edges count is the same than the original...


Has anybody experienced this situation before? Am I doing something wrong?


PS: I'm not talking about how to make the feature work. I'm using it satisfactorily many times, but many others the effect of the feature over the broken edge just disappears...

PS2: Finally I solved the face break by importing with other format, but this is more about the HealEdges fuctionality than solving this particular piece.


Thanks a lot!


Here you can see the broken imported face and the feature sequence I'm using to solve it (Plane surfaces are made in orde to draw intersection curves that will be used as constrain ones). In this case HealEdges could ease the edge selection for both directions. The sample file in the screenshot is attached.