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    Cannot find a file property, where is it?

    Otis Clapp

      I have an assembly that I have done a Pack and Go and am modifying it for another project.  I am now in the drawing phase and one nice thing is that all the drawings came along for the ride, down side is that some of the proprieties are still named incorrectly to the previous project and are populating the BOMs and some notes with old info.  No problem, just have to go and update the source... but I can't find the source.


      Here is where I have looked.  In the part file:  In the expanding bar on the right side under the "Custom Properties" tab, and the File - Properties - and all three tabs there (Summary, Custom, Configuration Specific).  And in the assembly in the same locations.  None of these locations held the property that I am looking for (name of the property that I am looking for is PART NUMBER).  Any idea where SolidWorks could be hiding this property?



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          Christian Chu

          You need to track down from the BOM

          1) what view on the dwg was used for creating BOM

          2) Right click on the view and open its ref. 3D model (should be assembly file)

          3) Check the CusProp in this assembly if there is any mis-match with the BOM

          4) Right click on component in this assembly and open  its ref. part/sub-assembly and check the CusProp if there is any mis-match in BOM


          and by the way, can you tell what kind of  CusProp is not correctly shown on the BOM (file name or rev. ???)

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              Otis Clapp

              I have opened the assembly from the BOM.  Checked the properties both on the right side Custom Properties tab and up in the File-Properties-Custom, then did the same with each of the parts in the assembly (there are only two so it wasn't so bad), and none of these locations had the property that I was looking for.


              The BOM is correct in all other ways that I can tell, it just seems like that one property needs to be updated to the latest project.  I can't for the life of me find that property.  I am sure it is somewhere stupidly obvious in retrospect, but in prospect it is a mystery to me.

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              Bjorn Hulman

              Hi Otis,

              Further to what Christian has mentioned. In the BOM you can rlight click an entry and open the linked part. In the part(s) go to the configuration manager, right click a configuration and select properties. Check what the Bill of Materials Options are set to.