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Refresh Detail View Macro

Question asked by Ryan Cook on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2017 by Deepak Gupta



Is it possible and can anyone provide a macro to toggle the slice command in drawing detail views?  Ideally, it would change the current state of off or on to on or off, not just change all to on or off from what they already are.  Some info below.


As some of you may know, there is an problem in SolidWorks (since before 2007 as far as I've read) wherein certain detail views do not update when a part configuration changes.  By certain detail views, I mean a detail view of a section cut; regular detail views of a part seem to work fine.  All attempts at solutions I've come across either don't work or are inconvenient.  In fact, I've only found two solutions on my own: 1) flip the section view back and forth, which makes my dimensions move all over the place or 2) check and uncheck the slice command, which 'most of the time' refreshes the detail view without issue.


Now some of you may ask why I don't just create a drawing for each configuration?  In the end, I may have to do this but I'd like to use some of SolidWorks more advanced features to generate a singe drawing package for a multi-configuration assembly.


Thanks and I welcome any replies!