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Transient Thermal Analysis - Oven Example

Question asked by Dan Buckmaster on Apr 22, 2017
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I am trying to run a thermal analysis on a simple part, a box with a hollow center (the center is completely sealed off). I want to determine the temperature of the interior hollow space if I put the box in an oven at XXX degrees for XXX minutes (I will assume the whole box is at room temperature at the start).


I believe I need to model a transient response with a set run time so that I can see the inside temperature as a function of time. I have added my initial temperature condition (room temperature) for all surfaces, and then I added convection and an outer surface temperature both at the desired heat of the oven. When I run the simulation, it shows the temperature everywhere through the box to be just the temperature of the oven, with no change whatsoever (I never see the part at its initial condition).


Am I not setting my thermal loads correctly?

What is the proper way to model an oven to obtain the data I need?


(Note, I cut the model in half to simplify and to get a better view of the interior.)


Thank you for your help!