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extrude to trapezoid

Question asked by Kingsley Hill on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2017 by Christian Chu

I have a nice but complex 2D Sketch.  I have no issues extruding this sketch.  BUT, I want the resulting solid body to be extruded a little further at one side of the sketch than the other.


To clarify my question assume my 2D sketch (on the left plane) were a simple rectangle and I wanted to extrude this sketch across the top plane where the result on the top plane were a trapezoid (rather than, when using a standard extrude, you'd wind up with the a rectangle (or square)).  Of course the simple solution to THIS example is to profile the trapezoid and extrude IT -- BUT since my real problem involves a complex sketch it is not so simple.


The attached model contains the complex profile, extruded.  BUT, it is not correct as I want the extrusion to 3/16" wider at the front plane than at the "back" of the model (end opposite what touches the front plane).  Both "sides" of the model should be angled outward to create a symmetric solid 6.125" wide at the front plane and 5.973" wide at the "back".