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Parts With Existing CAMWorks Data

Question asked by Brian Suchland on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Michael Buchli

As a current CAMWorks user, my concern was how nice will SolidWorks CAM play with parts I previously programmed in CAMWorks.  Upon opening a 2.5 axis mill part that was previously programmed in CAMWorks 2012 SP1, SolidWorks CAM pops a message that reads:  "The SOLIDWORKS CAM data in this model will be converted when saved."


How can there be previous SOLIDWORKS CAM data?  It didn't exist previously.   Shouldn't this not prompt that CAMWorks Data was present and it will convert it to SOLIDWORK CAM data?   Sorry this reads confusing to me, and there are differences between the two versions of which somethings may not convert so I though this should be made intelligent enough to detect CAMWorks vs SOLIDWORKS CAM.    Anyone else agree?