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    How can I make all instances of a variable upper case

    Thys Coetzee

      I have a variable where all the data needs to be converted to upper case.  There are about 40,000 instances of the variable in the vault.  I don't care that the old revisions are updated -- I just want it all in upper case.  ...and I don't want to retype everything one file at a time through the PDM Explorer interface.


      Please point me in a direction for solving this.




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          Tim Webb

          Hi Thys,

          This is probably not going to happen without an API add-in. I've run into this before and created an add-in to do this because Dispatch cannot change variables to upper or lower case.


          1. If urgent and important, then an API add-in task can be written to run every night at midnight to bulk update card variables.
          2. If important but not urgent, use a right click API add-in menu to update the variable on selected files. Touch fix
          3. If neither urgent nor important, no action required except to update the card variables during transitions using an API add-in. Ongoing.
          4. Not sure how you want to handle configurations, but that is a BIG consideration.


          CAUTION: Editing the SQL database directly is NOT recommended and NOT supported. Please do not consider doing this as an option.


          We have a paid add-in that does this. If you'd like more information, PM me. We also have lots more add-in products that may help you.


          Hope this helps,

          Tim CEPA

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