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SolidWorks 2016 Really poor performance

Question asked by George Maddever on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Dave Bear

Hi All,


I've been having terrible trouble with SW2016 (64 Bit, Windows 10) since I switched to it about 6 months ago. Crashing several times a day has been the absolute worst issue, which can suck if you're working with large assemblies that take a while to get back up and running. However it's not just with complex assemblies it seems to happen regularly even if I'm working with just a few simple parts open.


I did think that it may have been a Windows issue since sometimes it seemed to crash on the File/Open or File/Save dialog, so 2 months ago I reinstalled my PC with a fresh windows 10 and SW2016 service packed to the latest revision.


Even then it hasn't improved and seems to have gotten even worse. Latest issue is that I have to restart SW several times a day (even if it's not crashed) since it just keeps going slower and slower throughout a session. This seems to be independent of how I'm using it.... for example, if I start a new part before I go home at the end of the day and leave SW running overnight, in the morning I come back and even doing something like a right-click to bring up a context menu will take >10 seconds to respond which makes the program unusable.


Restarting SW to a fresh session helps, but then after 1-2 hours it's back taking >3 seconds to respond to a menu request and when you're trying to model in a hurry that's painful. Currently during a typical work day I'm restarting SW 20 times or more, and while that's getting the job done that's killing my productivity! Other guys in my office with similar (but not identical) systems have had issues but none seem to be nearly as bad as mine.


System specs are:

SW Professional + SolidWorks PDM Standard / SW Workgroup PDM

Intel Core i7 4.0GHz

16 GB Ram

250GB SSD with more than half the drive free

AMD FirePro V7900 with latest supported driver

SolidWorks Rx diagnostic run and all green ticks


I suspect it could be a Windows 10 issue rather than SW, because it seemed to run a LOT better under Windows 7. However I know of plenty of people running SW just fine on Windows 10 so I'm loath to condemn it outright.


Is there something I'm missing here? Has someone come across similar issues in the past and got anything for me to try? I could go to SW2017 but I've got clients still running '16 that I'm working with so not really wanting to jump forward just yet if I can help it.


Really hoping that someone has a magic bullet and that it's a bug / interference with some third party programme I can uninstall and fix because right now it's driving me bonkers!