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Can you link an empty item balloon to an item in a BOM?

Question asked by Matthew Chambers on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Matthew Chambers

When we do drawings of assemblies that include wiring or hydraulic hoses, we add in dummy parts with the wire or hose part number to populate the item in the drawing BOM. We then create the assembly drawing, and import from Draftsight the 2D schematic to use on page 2 of our assembly drawing. In Solidworks, we balloon the schematic and, typically, overwrite the text in the balloon to match the BOM.


Is there a way to link an empty item balloon (balloon with a "?" in it) to an item in the BOM, to eliminate the need to overwrite the text field? Overwriting the text causes problems if more items are added to the model, or if the BOM is reorder, because then every balloon on the page 2 schematic will now be out of order.