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    Altium Designer Import - 3D Models

    Markus Olsson

      Hi Guys,


      In the current version of SWPCB I can't import the original PCBDOC file coming out from Altium Designer 17.x due to the file type not being recognized. This is however not a problem, saving in 5.0 version is easy. But... When exporting the 3D Step models they become extruded objects when opened/imported into SWPCB.

      Some of the 3D Models look kind of strange also, they go straight through the PCB. (Stand-off height issues(?))



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          Carole Jacquinot

          Hi Markus,


          I think that you need to have the library with 3D Models linked with their components.

          (SchLib + PcbLib -> LibPkg)

          Perhaps, it's false, I don't try that, but I should.




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            Lee Havens



                   Did you check the origins on the components when after importing them into SW PCB? I know when I have imported some .stp files it puts the components (connectors mainly) through the board. So I then have to either adjust he 3d model in solidworks or there are commands on the tool bar. More specifically when you have the .pcblib open of that part, in the tools tab there is a 3D body placement on the toolbar. That is where you can adjust it without have to open the model and adjust the origin of the part.


                 Warm Regards

                  Lee Havens


            P.S.   Hopefully that was helpful. I am currently using Solidworks PCB 2018